Coronavirus Update
By | 20th Mar 20

Coronavirus Update

Like many businesses and individuals, Advantage Property Consulting is concerned about the growing impact that the Coronavirus Disease (CVID-19) is having in Australia and around the world.

We would like to take this opportunity to update our tenants, owners and tradespeople of the measures we are taking to limit the spread of disease amongst our staff and clients whilst continuing to provide our property services.

Office Appointments
To protect our staff, the office will be closed to the public and will be by appointment only.  We will still be available via phone and email.

Property Inspections
At this stage only scheduled inspections will proceed and future routine inspections will be suspended until further notice.

For any inspections that are proceeding, the following measures have been put in place: -

  • Before entering a property, occupants of the property are asked to identify if anyone within the property could have been exposed to the virus. If so, the inspection will be postponed until deemed safe.
  • All staff will follow strict hygiene standards include using hand sanitizer and wearing disposable gloves.
  • Staff will avoid contact where possible with any surfaces.
  • Staff will stay one metre away from any attendees within the properties.

Open for Inspections will proceed this weekend, however strict policies as noted above will be implemented. All attendees will be asked to confirm they are fit to enter the premises and must use either hand sanitizer or wear disposal gloves. We will monitor whether open for inspections will continue depending on health authority guidelines.

We use external contractors for all maintenance and at this stage no tradespeople have issued any formal notices to suggest changes to their services.

Should there be disruption from tradespeople not attending properties, we will communicate this to our tenants and owners. Non urgent maintenance items may need to be delayed whilst we concentrate on urgent items only.

We will continue to ask Contractors to follow hygiene standards before and whilst entering properties and pre-screen tenants to ensure our contractors are kept safe when entering their properties.

Working from Home
At this stage our office remains open, however should this change, we have recently transferred over to a cloud-based Property Management package which will allow our staff to continue working from home with no disruption to our company’s services.

We will continue to monitor the Work Health Organisation, The Department of Health and Human Services and the Victorian Government for updates on relevant information relating to this situation.
Should you have any specific concerns regarding the above information or our services, please do not hesitate to contact our office on 9883 8900.