Easy ways to Feng Shui for your home
By | 2nd Nov 17

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Feng meaning wind and Shui meaning water, Feng Shui are principals that are meant to promote good health, prosperity and good luck in your life. With the competition super-hot over the summer selling period, any way you can attract more buyers is an advantage. Here are some basic hints to help “Feng Shui” your home easily and attract those good vibes!

Declutter your home – Eliminating clutter will not only help you present your home in a wonderful way, it also promotes positive chi (energy) – it’s said the less clutter you have, the space clutter free space attracts open and light airiness with a home that will feel more positive.

Indoor plants – Plants signify growth, nature and creativity. Not only do they create warmth and style in your home, but they also purify the air while keeping the space feeling clean and relaxed. These are all great things when trying to impress purchasers at inspections.

Mirrors and light – Stale air and poor lighting are big enemies to great Feng Shui. If you have a darker room, look at brightening it up with mirrors to reflect as much natural light as possible in that space. Another technique is layering your light. Consider layering your lighting by introducing different types of lighting in a darker room with a floor lamp to accompany a ceiling light. The thought is that having different light sources will promote better energy in a room.

Feng Shui Colours – along with orientation, you can look into introducing some colours to promote the five elements theory (wind, water, earth, metal, wood), which is said to bring harmony and joy to your home. Choosing colours that emphasize specific energies such as light yellow for a study area can help with focus and clarity. Using accessories or linen to highlight colours is a great way to compliment and encourage the vibe in your room.

The backyard – Water is one of the elements of Feng Shui, so if you are looking to spruce the outside of your home, you can also implement some basic principle quite easily. If you are looking to add a water feature for instance, review your space – areas that face south east are said to promote money, a water feature facing east will promote health in your family and north will promote energy to encourage career and your path in life. If you want to create a play area for your children in the garden, a western orientated area is recommended, as it is connected to the energy of children and creativity.

Curvy pathways – Put simply, Feng Shui is based on the energy present in nature so anything that reflects nature will always promote great energy. When re-landscaping your garden, look at meandering or curvy pathways to promote the feeling of relaxation. 

Regardless of whether you totally believe in the Feng Shui way of life or not, it is a great opportunity to review your living situation and perhaps see a different perspective to your interior décor!

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