Finding the perfect rental property for you
By | 5th Jun 19

How to pick the perfect rental to live in

Starting the rental process can be a tiresome one if you don’t know what you are looking for. With some uncertainty in the current property market, it’s a good idea to be armed with the right tool kit to try and secure the right property for you.


Know what you can and won’t compromise on

Sometimes desperation forces you compromise on a rental that suits your needs. It’s important to have a list of what is essential for you and what you can potentially be more flexible on as you look for the right rental for you.

We recommend that you start this list before you start looking. Things like budget, car space/garage and location are important factors to your living happiness.


Check for construction or potential noise in the area

If you are looking to rent for longer than 6 months, you might want to check out your potential rental during different times outside the open for inspection times. Are there construction works or building works happening close by that may disrupt you? Are you close to pubs or parks? Sometimes being close to a pub or bar may mean noisier nights on the weekends for example.


Understanding your living arrangement

Living in a boutique block or larger apartment block will be different to living in a town house or freestanding home. Understanding what you are going to be living in is important so you can be realistic about the type of people you will be living with as neighbours.

Whether you are looking for your first rental property or your next rental property it’s a great idea to have a conversation with the leasing agent as you are inspecting the property. You will be able to get more insight about the rental than the listing and pictures.

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