Get your garden ready for Summer entertaining
By | 10th Sep 18

Tips on how to make your garden or balcony ready for Summer!

Congratulations! You have made it through another Melbourne Winter, and now as we head into longer and sunnier days, you should be thinking about your garden or balcony plants, if you have let them go a bit dormant over the Winter months. Spring is the perfect time to start preparing for Summer entertaining!

Before the weather gets too hot, do not procrastinate any longer as we have some easy tips to get your garden in the best shape possible. Look at re-mulching your flower beds for the dry harsh Summer and feeding your lawns with the right mix of nutrients to encourage it to grow as the sun and rain combination will help make it flourish. With a flourishing lawn, there will also be flourishing weeds, so ensure you take the time to remove weeds as they grow.

If you are looking to replace some plants, we suggest planting some evergreens such as Jasmine, which don’t only look good but smell beautiful in the Summer with their delicate fragrance.

Spring is also a great time to hack, slash and prune your flower beds and trees as well as do a really good general clean of your backyard. Take the time now, when it’s not too hot and you will reap all the rewards as soon as the Summer days hit.

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