Getting ready to settle on your property
By | 2nd Nov 17

What you need to know for a stress free settlement

Congratulations! If you are just about to settle, it is an exciting and sometimes daunting time! We remember the first time we settled on a property, there are so many things involved such as your bank, conveyancers, and various agents. If it is your first ever time settling or the first time in a long time, we have compiled some tips on how to prepare yourself for settlement day!


It’s peace of mind and something many people don’t really think about! A property purchase is significantly large, so why would you want to risk any potentials setbacks. Having insurance won’t cost you an arm or leg, yes, it is an extra cost, but for peace of mind we think it’s worth it.

Organise, keys, garage remotes and security passes

Will you be picking up the keys from the real estate agent or will they get dropped off at your conveyancers? It doesn’t hurt to ask, and just knowing will tick one question off your list. Make sure if the property has alarms, you have the master code as there’s nothing more stressful than an alarm going off!

Attend your final inspection

Don’t be shy, it’s ok to want a pre-settlement inspection. You are well within you rights and it may be something you may want to consider if there are any special conditions associated to your property purchase. You make your final inspection at what is deemed a reasonable time according to the Victoria Consumer laws. We suggest, you make your appointment in daylight close to your settlement date to ensure the state of your property but leaving enough time for items to be rectified if needed.

Organise your bank cheque

This is something your conveyancer and lender will be able to assist you. Just make sure that the settlement amounts are correct and that any names of on any documents are also correctly spelt. It’s all in the details when it comes to settlement so take some time with these matters to ensure a smooth process.

Organise all your utilities

Don’t forget the fundamentals when you move home, there are many companies that can easily organise the connection of all your utilities quite easily if you have too much going on. We suggest also talking to your internet provider prior to moving in, as a new connection can sometimes take weeks.


If you would like more advice in the lead up to your settlement, speak to one of our lovely property consultants today. The process doesn’t have to be stressful, and our staff here at Advantage Property are more than happy to help step you through this exciting time. Contact