Getting your home ready for a quick sale
By | 7th May 18

Sometimes your situation calls for a quick sale

Sometimes your situation calls for a quick sale – so if you find yourself in this situation, we have some tips to help you organise yourself and present your property in the best possible way.

Clean and Declutter

If you don’t want to pay for staging or hire furniture, it’s time to declutter and depersonalise! The main drivers for people emotionally falling in love with a property is that they can see and imagine their own lives in that home or apartment. We recommend culling and storing as many personal items such as family photographs or memorabilia. Being able to remove clutter, such as items that you don’t regularly use or throwing out broken or unused items will also help when you go to move.

Fix any problems that you may encounter

Seems straight forward, but your potential homebuyers are looking out for the overall presentation and function of your home. If you have any scruffs or dents in your wall, cover and repaint so the presentation of your home comes across as polished. Check for signs of broken seals or cracked windows as well as any insects or rodents that will immediately turn your potential purchasers away. A comprehensive clean is essential to make the best first impression.

Repaint and rejuvenate

This goes hand in hand with depersonalising your property. We recommend white or neutral colours in a matte finish to give your property the best chance to appeal to a wide audience. Feature walls or striking colours may alienate some people when they are inspecting and they may see it as more work for them when they move in.

Scent and smells

Scents and odours evoke certain memories and feelings so we recommend incorporating fresh flowers or gentle diffusers so your home smells pleasant and inspiring. You don’t want to use anything too strong as this can sometimes be misconstrued as trying to hide a problem smell. Tip: Be aware of strong smells like a rotting fruit bowl or a recently bleached bathroom.

Freshen up fixtures and hardware

Think light fixtures, doorknobs, showerheads, shower curtains and mirrors. These will not cost you a lot of money, but updating these key areas will make your property feel brand new and renovated.

Make your entrance welcoming

People fall in love with front doors! When potential buyers visit your home, ensure that the entrance to your property is inviting and replace any damaged doorknobs. If you want to create warmth and style, consider a pot plant at the entrance.

Don’t forget, we are here to help! Our experienced Vendor’s Advocate team can take you through the whole buying and selling process so you don’t have to stress out about the unknown. To make an appointment for your free consultation or strategy meeting give us a call today: 1300 239 901