Getting your property ready to sell – Proven tips
By | 15th Jan 19

Tips to help emotionally declutter, so you can get your property on the market and achieve the best possible price.

Selling a treasured family home is definitely stressful and emotional. Many memories are made in a family home and it’s something that is hard letting go of. With many downsizers looking to sell family homes, we have some tips to help emotionally declutter, so you can get your property on the market and achieve the best possible price.


It is not uncommon for people to live in the home there are trying to sell and the biggest hurdle is getting the aesthetics of the home up to scratch. We have found decluttering is an emotional exercise to our clients as they naturally have attachments to certain furniture pieces or personal items.

See your home through the buyer’s eyes

First impressions count. How the buyer sees your home is going to be different to how you or visitors see your home. The key is not to draw attention to certain items of your house and we recommend depersonalising your home by removing items that may be polarising. You want your potential buyers to be able to imagine living there. Things like family pictures or mementoes might be a barrier for someone to connect with your home. 

A scent to remember

When you view property, all your senses are alert – is there enough natural light in the home? Does the scent of the room remind you of something great? If you’re looking to cook before an inspection, don’t forget to air out your home and scent it with a suitable fragrance. You don’t want a strong smell to ruin the whole impression of your open for inspection.

How to edit your home furniture or style

A ‘lived in’ look for a home can be polarising to some buyers. People want to be able to imagine their current life in your home and distractions such as statement wall colours or artwork may do the opposite. Keep focused on why you are selling and what outcome you would like to achieve. You don’t have to go down the road with styling your whole property with hire furniture, but be mindful about having the right accessories and furniture pieces on display. Stylists can also work with your current furniture to ensure you are presenting your property to its best potential.

Minor renovations

Obtain advice from a professional on some minor works that could make a big difference in your overall presentation and sale price. Items such as new bathroom mirrors, replacing wardrobe doors, updating handles or painting can be fairly inexpensive but provide a great return on your money.

If you would like sound advice about how to sell your property, get in touch with our Vendor’s Advocacy team to see how we can help you achieve your desired sale price! Email us or call 1300 239 901