How to buy a home: Choosing a home that’s built for Melbourne Winters
By | 15th Mar 19

What to look for when buying a home

If you are searching to buy a property now to live in, these handy tips might help you discern the right property for you! Melbourne winters can be cold and long, so how do you know if the property you are looking to buy will fare well in the cooler months? Here are some easy tips to consider at your next open for inspection.

North facing orientation

The first and easy test is to understand the orientation of the property. It’s important to look at where your living areas are in the home and try and have them facing north to soak in as much sun as possible during the day. As the living areas are where we spend a lot of time, it’s wise for that orientation to face north as opposed to a bedroom which may mean other areas of the house are cooler throughout the winter months.

Efficiency and heat retention

Does the property have ducted heating, reverse cycle air conditioning or gas heating? This will affect your power bills so inspect the type of devices that are in the house. Another great area to look are things like door and window seals as droughts will always draw in cold air if they are not sealed adequately.

Pro Tip: Ask the agent to turn off all the lights in the property to view the property in its natural state. Is there plenty of natural light?

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