How to: ensure you get your bond back
By | 8th Jul 19

Make moving out from your rental stress free

Are you about to vacate your rental? For most, getting your bond back is an important factor when moving out. We have collected advice from our Property Managers to help you when vacating your rental so the process is easy.

A good rule of thumb is to leave the property in the same condition you moved in less any wear and tear. This is stated in the Residential Tenancies Act and there are a few things you will have to do to ensure that you get your bond back in full.

Referring to your entry condition report is important. You would have filled this out when you moved in. Depending on the time you have been renting, this will help determine if the wear and tear to the property is reasonable. Essentially leaving the property dirtier or with more damage than when you moved in will prohibit you from getting your bond back in full.

We recommend hiring a professional bond cleaner to fully clean your property. A great tip is to ask your Property Manager for cleaners they use as they will be reputable and be of a standard that the Property Manager is happy with. If you have carpets, you will need to show a receipt of them being steam cleaned.

It’s important that you bring up any issues with your property as they arise. By not doing so, this can delay your bond being returned at the end of your tenancy. Remember, damage does happen from time to time which is why contacting your Property Manager as they happen will help you when you vacate your property.

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