How to get the “WOW” reaction.  Tips to help people fall in love with your home
By | 10th Sep 18

So what is the secret to get people walking through your door imagining their future life?

It apparently takes less than 10 seconds for buyers to form an opinion of your property, so how can you make the most of these precious moments?

First impressions count when you are selling property. So what is the secret to get people walking through your door imagining their future life and subsequently falling in love with your property? For most people, buying a home – especially a family home - involves emotion. Ensuring that your property is prepped with the first impression in mind is key.

Ambience and feel

Ambience and presentation are imperative to ensure that people walking through your ‘Open for Inspection’ fall in love with the property. It’s more than just the furniture in a room, it’s also about ensuring there is a warmth and liveability as soon as people enter your home boundary. This means also taking into consideration that your landscaping is tidy and in harmony with the aesthetics and design of your home and the area to your front door is clean and well styled. We also recommend considering all your senses, not just sight, when it comes to making your home memorable. Think about scents you love, and how they make you feel. We recommend you invest in diffusers that will evoke that same sense of welcome and luxury.

Neutral doesn’t have to be boring

We always strongly advise to go neutral when preparing your home to sell, especially with wall colours. Appealing to a wide audience will go a long way. This doesn’t mean totally ignoring colour as you can always subtly inject that personality using décor or soft furnishings throughout. Whites, light greys, taupes and oaks are a great colour palette to follow quite easily – pair with some greenery and flowers and you have a winning combination.

Let there be light

Everyone prefers a light filled home, as it radiates positivity and a healthy lifestyle. Ensure that you draw back all your curtains and let as much natural light into the home while layering with your ceiling lights or table lamps to boost the feeling of light throughout. If possible, the installation of sky lights can have a huge impact on bringing more light into a property.

We can assist to guide you on times that best suit the viewing for your property. For example if your property does not have plentiful natural light, a twilight or evening inspection may work well especially in the cooler months as you are able to turn on all the lights in the home without drawing too much attention to that detail.

Declutter and depersonalise

This is probably the hardest step for most people, but ensuring your home is decluttered of any unnecessary items such as removing any family pictures or personal items, really aid in your potential buyers imagining their life in your home. You want it to feel as brand new as possible and allow them to imagine themselves living in the property.

Essentially these are just some of the many ways you can optimise your Open for Inspections when selling your home, but what is most important is surrounding yourself with the right team for your needs to ensure you are attracting and capturing the best potential audience.

Our Vendor's Advocate team has assisted many of our owners with our expertise to sell their property for the best possible price.  We work with you to select the best agent, make recommendations to your property and are there throughout the whole sales process.

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