Market Update 11th February 2020
By | 13th Feb 20

It was great news for investors when the Liberal government won the election and continued with negative gearing. Negative gearing can be a great way for investors to improve their cash flow and get a tax benefit. This article tells you everything you need to know about negative a many investor are still confused how it works. 

In our commitment to the community we recently raised $1300 for the fire relief which Advantage matched to raise a total of $2600. We hope that this in a small way helps contribute those in need and we will continue to assist and donate to the community.

The unit and apartment market has not seen as much growth as the housing market in the last decade. We purchased a villa unit for a client in Essendon West in Hampton Road for $320,000 and they recently sold for $480,000 which is about 50% growth over the past 9 years when most houses would seen 100% appreciation in that time.