Market Update 29th September 2020
By | 30th Sep 20

Thank you to over 2200 people that supported the real estate petition as we finally had good news for the real estate industry, as private inspections will be allowed again now  rather than in 1 to 2 months time. This won't help fix the damage caused but it is a step in the right direction.

Buyers will be happy to know that there will be many more opportunities coming onto the market soon as many vendors put their sales campaigns on hold due to the no inspection restrictions. There will be many more properties hitting the market over the next month as many vendors are preparing their properties for the market.

We have over 10 Vendor Advocacy clients that all unfortunately had to press pause on their sales campaigns and are now finally able to commence them. Buyers will now finally have some opportunities to consider rather than the sparse market in the last couple of months which has seen the real estate market at a standstill and pretty much shut down for properties to buy or sell or lease.