The role of a Property Manager
By | 5th Dec 17

Do you know what your property manager should be doing for you

You have invested in property and now would like to rent it out – do you know what your property manager should be doing for you? Finding the right property manager is as important as finding the right real estate agent to sell your family home. Typically, people think that property managers are just responsible for finding a tenant, collecting rent and doing the occasional inspection, but we think a great property manager goes beyond that.

We like to think that great property managers are always assessing the risk to your property and ensuring the best outcome for your investment. If your property manager is experienced, not only will they be able to secure a tenant for you quickly, but they will also know how to spot a great tenant that will take care of your investment property. It’s not just about having the funds to pay the weekly rent, but it’s also about being able to check the prospective tenant’s history and trusting their gut instinct.

Legislations and regulations

Finding a tenant in your investment is just one part of the parcel – when interviewing your prospective property manager, enquire about their experience with owner’s corporation rules and the various legislations that cover certain appliance testing such as smoke alarms, gas cooktops and pool fencing. You want to know that they have the right knowledge with certain regulations or legislations just in case something does go wrong.

How to spot an experienced property manager

A great property manager will be passionate about real estate and property in general; and with that wealth creation and growth for your property. We recommend property managers that have a solid understanding of the property market and also have the skills to manage conflict and negotiations.

When the rent is being paid and the property has no major issues, it can be easy to think the process is easy. However, when there are difficult tenants who know their legal rights, if your tenant stops paying their rental or if major damage occurs to your property; you want to make sure your Property Manager has the experience and confidence to ensure a great outcome for you. If they don’t, it could cost you thousands.


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