Tips for renovating the master bedroom
By | 3rd Dec 20

If you’re renovating an investment property, focus your attention on the master bedroom. The reason for this is simple – nine times out of ten, the person handing over the cheque will be occupying the master bedroom. So impress your buyer with a comfortable, spacious den and your property will see much success when it comes time to sell.
With this in mind, here are my top tips for creating the master of all master bedrooms. 


Create a private sanctuary
The modern master bedroom is more than a place to retire at the end of the day – it is now becoming a living private sanctuary within the home. With houses and apartments sporting open plan designs combining the kitchen, dining and lounge, buyers are seeking reclusive spots in the home where they can relax. Master bedrooms that incorporate adjoining flexible spaces can create perfect personal zones for the master of the house, and can be used as a reading room, a nursery or even a home office.
If you’re open to undertaking major renovations, look to create an adjoining room to your master bedroom by turning a mezzanine level, hallway or spare room into such a space. Doing this can help add instant value to your property and appeal to a broader buyer demographic such as young parents or those starting a small business – particularly if the home is lacking in rooms or private nooks.

Adequate lighting
Natural light is always a winner in bedrooms as it makes the space feel open and inviting. If the master bedroom lacks windows, look to build some, or even a skylight, to allow natural light.
Install lights in the places where they’re most needed, such as above the bed for reading at night, in the walk-in robe and above the basin in the ensuite. Adequate power points throughout the master bedroom are also important. This means the buyer can create their own lighting layout and place additional lamps where is convenient for them.

Inviting ensuites
On average, an extra bathroom in a property can provide a return between 60% – 80% when selling. Therefore, if you have the space to create an ensuite in the master bedroom, do so.
If your master bedroom is already equipped with a bathroom, consider updating the tiling and fixtures to a more modern style. Older style bathrooms instantly age a home, so stick to one colour scheme (preferably white) and simple, classic tiles to appeal to a broader market.

With more people choosing to downsize to smaller homes, storage spaces are becoming crucial – and this includes storage for clothes. Installing built-in robes, or walk-in-robes if space allows, can add value to your master bedroom as buyers won’t need to purchase extra furniture which will encroach on their bedroom space. To create the illusion of space, opt for built-in robes with mirrored doors too.
Remember, the master bedroom is often for two people – so ensure there’s enough storage space for two people’s clothes, shoes and accessories.

Simplistic styling
If your budget doesn’t allow for major structural changes, there are still small, low-cost updates you can make to your master bedroom. 
A fresh coat of light coloured paint will brighten up the room, making it feel bigger. If the carpet needs a refresh, opt for a high quality product in a neutral colour to ensure it is durable and doesn’t readily show dirt. You can also update the curtains to make the room look cleaner, brighter and more modern.

There are many updates that can be done to improve the value of the master bedroom but it’s important to remember to balance expenditure spent on renovation versus returns you will generate. Focus on adequate lighting, space and storage and you’ll see strong returns when it comes time to sell.