Tips for your property over the festive season
By | 15th Dec 19

December has arrived and with another year almost over, it’s time for last minute shopping, organising holidays and family and friend catch ups. For all our clients with investment properties, here are our Holiday tips and updates…

Rent Arrears: With holidays approaching many people get caught up in overspending, which can impact on rental payments.  We encourage tenants in the lead up to December to pay a little extra rent in advance to safeguard getting caught out, as it’s one of the most common months for tenants to fall behind in their rent.  With our department staffed throughout the festive season (excluding public holidays) we’ll continue to be proactive and vigilant with our follow up in accordance with legislation requirements.

Going Away: If you will be taking leave over the holiday season it’s imperative that you inform your Property Manager and advise of an emergency contact should you be uncontactable.

Quieter Month: December is usually a quiet month as tenants are so busy with holiday related activities that they put moving on hold. This can lead to a slight increase in the vacancy period if you find your property unoccupied during this time.

January and February are generally the busiest months in Property Management with tenants moving after the holiday period and before the school term starts. If you find your property becomes vacant during December, we suggest you enter into an alternative tenancy term to ensure the next expiry date does not fall in December.

General Holiday Safety Tips:

If you are going away let your neighbours know.  Ask them to collect your mail or bring the bins in.
Don’t leave Christmas tree lights on overnight or when out.
Ensure that children are always supervised in the pool and make sure there are no climbable objects around the pool fence area.
Only purchase child approved safe toys.
Pack a safety kit and back up supplies if going on a road trip, and don’t forget to take rest breaks.
Double check you have locked all doors and windows.
Don’t record your address on key tags. 

We hope all our clients have a wonderful festive season and appreciate their support and business throughout 2019.