What stays with the house when you sell your property?
By | 8th Jul 19

Make moving easy.

It’s time to pack up and move from your property. With all the hustle and bustle of the process, you may want to be aware of what you can and cannot legally take from the property before you leave.

The first step is to check what is included in the contract apart from the standard fixtures. Many people now are selling their homes with furniture or whitegoods so it is good to know what you can take with you when moving day comes.

Fixtures are usually determined by an object that can’t be easily removed without causing damage to the property. Things like light fittings or ovens are considered fixtures as they are wired into the home. Essentially if something is attached to the home it is considered a fixture of the home.

Don’t get caught out

Sometimes there can be some grey areas with what is considered a fixture. We recommend that you discuss what is included in the house before you put the property on the market. This will then get worked into the contract which will help when it comes to knowing specifically what stays or is not included with the house. Anything can be excluded or included as long as it is specified before the contract is executed by both parties.

The grey areas

The most disputed item when it comes to something being a fixture or not is the dishwasher. It is important to list this item as a fixture or exclusion in the contract to ensure there are no disputes at the time of settlement.

Items you cannot take from your house include:

- Fixed floor coverings such as tiles or carpet (excludes rugs)

- Ceiling fans and wired light fittings

- Integrated dishwashers

- Joinery such as wardrobes, shelves or cupboards that have been built in

- Curtain rods (the curtains are not a fixture unless included in the contract)

Items that you can take from your house:

- Potted plants

- Washing machines or dryers

- Microwave

- Fridge or freezer if freestanding

- Outdoor furniture not fixed to the property

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