Tenant Services


In today’s crowded rental market, it pays to have an Advantage when searching for a property you can call home. We specialise in the Melbourne housing market and you can trust our friendly staff to help you find the rights property and offer fast and reliable ongoing support.

  • Our comprehensive tenant services remove all the stress and worries from renting.
  • We match your criteria to a wide range of quality, well-maintained properties.
  • You only deal directly with us – no need to register with a host of agents and no surprise visits by agents or landlords.
  • Fast and efficient services for maintenance, inspections and any emergencies.
  • Invitations to Free Property Seminars and services including our Buyer's Agents Service if you wish to purchase your own home or investment property in the future.


Our office hours are Monday to Friday 9.00am to 5.30pm and Saturday by appointment.