Property Appraisal & Negotiation Service

How can you protect yourself from over paying for property?

You’ve found a great property, congratulations! But your mind starts to spin with questions. How much should you offer? Should you make them sweat a little or make an offer right away? Will those other people at the inspection offer more? Should you offer the highest price you’re willing to pay or try to leave yourself some extra funds to negotiate with? Will they baulk at a longer settlement period? What rental returns can you expect over the long term? Should you stretch your budget just a little to beat that other offer?

Don’t overpay for property. 

Our experienced team can save you thousands by making an independent and expert appraisal of the property and negotiating with agents on your behalf.

Why use the Appraisal & Negotiation service?

Assessing the true worth of a property as a home or investment is complex. We live and breathe the Melbourne market and conduct comprehensive due diligence on your preferred property, giving you confidence about its true market value. 

Our expert appraisal reports: 

  • Reveal hidden costs such as building works and Local Council levies.
  • Reflect how future development of an area may affect market value.
  • Arm you with unbiased information on purchase price and expected rental returns based on our in-depth knowledge of the local sales market.

But knowing the true market value isn’t much good unless you have the skills to secure the property. Our team of expert negotiators are winning properties for buyers like you day in, day out. We know the tricks agent's use to squeeze extra dollars out of you and we protect you from overpaying or being outplayed by other buyers. Why not save money and skip the stress?

What are the benefits of using the Appraisal & Negotiation service?

When you have us in your corner you will:

  • Save money because we protect you from overpaying.
  • Purchase with confidence knowing you have independent advice about true market value and expected rental returns.
  • Avoid nasty surprises like hidden Owners’ Corporation costs and planned Local Council works and levies.
  • Skip the stress of negotiating with vendors and their agents.
  • Secure the best possible terms for deposit and settlement.

Can I afford the Appraisal & Negotiation service?

Yes, our service is affordable for homebuyers and investors alike. Our professional fees are 1% of your property price upon successful purchase. Talk to our team today about how we can save you money and secure the right property at the right price.

It pays to have an expert in your corner

Don’t risk tying up your money in an investment that doesn’t deliver. Talk to us about starting your journey to property success today.

You can be confident our experience in the Melbourne market will protect you from paying too much for your next property. Talk to our experts today.