Auction Bidding Service

Sick of missing out at auction?

A crowd is forming, your heartbeat quickening and palms starting to sweat. Is today the day you’re going to secure your ideal property? You survey the crowd trying to sort the sticky-beaks from the serious contenders. Is it the guy in the suit you need to worry about or the woman in the sweatpants?

There’s so much at stake and the start of your property success all comes down to the next few minutes. What is your strategy? The bidding starts and before you know it, your ideal property is gone…to somebody else.

Why use the Auction Bidding service?

There are smart buys to be had at auction but inexperience can hurt your heart and your hip-pocket. Our experienced team are expert buyer's agents and auction strategists. We bid on your behalf and use our expertise to:

  • Gain the upper hand in bidding, based on assessment of the vendor and other bidders.
  • Provide independent advice on the true market value of a property, so you can set your purchase limit with confidence.
  • Prevent you from paying too much in the heat of the moment.
  • Save you from the stress of high pressure negotiations with vendors and agents after auction.

Can I afford the Auction Bidding service?

Yes, our service is affordable for home buyers and investors alike. Our Professional fees are 1% of the property price upon successful purchase. Talk to our team today about how our experienced auction strategists can save you far more than our fees.

Is this the right service for me?

If you’ve wasted time and money attending auctions for properties that went well above your price range, talk to us today about our full Search to Settlement service

Buying property doesn’t have to be complicated.

It pays to have an expert in your corner. Talk to our experienced negotiators about how we can secure your next property

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