Five things to keep in mind when buying property
By | 14th Apr 19

Don't miss out on these important steps.

A lot happens when you search and buy property. It’s a huge investment and many of inexperienced buyers will forgo a few steps for a few reasons – they could just not know what to look for or have a lack the confidence to ask certain questions. We have compiled some things to keep in mind when you are searching for your dream property!


Visit the property multiple times. This seems like a no brainer but it’s important to view the property more than once before your purchase. Don’t feel like you are burdening the sales agent by organising more inspections, it’s part of their job and they will more than happily take you through the property! We advise to visit the property at different times of day or on the weekend to get a true understanding of what it will be like to live in that home. Agents want you to view the property in the best light possible so looking at the home outside the suggested time frames will really help you decide if the property is right for you.


Get to know your neighbours. Ok, this sounds a bit left of field but since you will be living next to these people, you might want to get a feel for the community around you. If you’re too shy to knock on their door, go up to them if you see them around when you visit at an inspection. You may get a better gauge for the type of environment you will be moving into and if you think you will get along.


Search for more information on your council website. Is there a lot of development going on? Are your neighbours looking to build? Will this affect the neighbouring properties or your property value? This should definitely be part of your due diligence process especially if there are views involved. You don’t want to move into your dream home and get blocked out by a development approval you didn’t know about.


Explore the local area during peak times. Open for inspections usually occur on a Saturday or later in the evening on a weeknight so we recommend exploring the area during peak times to get to know the traffic situation, commute to work or what the area feels like.

There’s so much research that needs to be done prior to purchasing property. We are here to help guide you through the process so you don’t miss out on an opportunity. Speak to our Buyer’s Agents today to see how we can help get the most from your budget and make the process as stress free as possible! Email