Why a customer focused Property Manager makes all the difference
By | 19th Jun 17

It is great to have tenants who want to rent through our company and we recently received the following testimonial from a happy tenant:

“Just wanted to pass on my compliments regarding Laura and your whole rental process. Laura was thoroughly professional, efficient, friendly and a great communicator.  She was able to think outside the box and look at my application on its merits and was able to get formal approval less than 24 hours after I inspected the property.  It's a nice change to be treated professionally and respectfully when applying for a rental. Not just Laura but your whole process was thoroughly seamless and efficient. I will definitely recommend Laura and your firm to anyone I know who needs property management services.”

B Teece (Tenant)

Laura Braun - Property Manager
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When managing a property, it is important that Property Managers have good relationships with not only landlords, who are essentially their clients, but also with their tenants.

A tenant who has a strong relationship with their Property Manager, will tend to pay their rental on time and keep the property in a good state.  If they feel they are being listened to and receiving professional service, this goes a long way to creating a win / win scenario for the landlord and tenant.

When tenants feel frustrated and are not being treated in a professional way; they can become difficult to deal with and can cause many concerns in regards to rental payments, maintenance items and also the condition of the property when they vacate.

When looking at property investment in the bigger sense, your tenant is essentially like a staff member.  Just like staff, if you look after them and they feel appreciated, they will generally return the favour and hopefully stay in your property longer.  Rather than having people come and go every year with no continuity.


Landlord tip: We have many clients who reward good tenants with a small Christmas gift and this act alone can make a tenant go out of their way to look after the property they reside in.  When an issue does arise that needs to be dealt with, if the tenant has felt appreciated in the past and they have a strong relationship in place, they will generally be more willing to work through any issue or concerns that may arise.