Why it’s good to buy in 2019
By | 15th Mar 19

It's not the doom and gloom some people are whispering.

With recent headlines about property downturn, it’s not uncommon for buyers to feel a lack of confidence in the market at this present time. Purchasing property is a huge investment but we think it’s a great time to buy in the current property market.

We have grown our business and our personal assets through many market cycles, buying and selling throughout the highs and lows with success, which is why we think current commentary in the market should not discourage you if you are looking to buy property in 2019.

Melbourne has seen super strong results in the last few years and what we are seeing is a slight correction and not crashing. The market fundamentals in Melbourne remain fairly consistent with affordable suburbs commonly bought in by first home buyers, seeing continual strong demand in those areas.

Currently, job opportunities coupled with strong population growth are encouraging the market to continue in a positive fashion so it’s really not all doom and gloom as some of the headlines are predicting. If you buy well and within your budget, then you really shouldn’t be that affected – property is a long term game and not a short term one.

If you would like more information on buying property or just don’t have the time to search, our team of Buyer’s Agents are here to help make the process positive and easy for you. Contact Frank Valentic or Robert German today! Email buyer@advantageproperty.com.au or call 1300 239 901.