What should you do if your house doesn’t sell at auction?
By | 2nd Nov 18

A Vendor Advocate’s perspective

It’s definitely a disappointment when your property does not sell at auction. It’s not always easy when this happens and it’s important to keep in mind your next steps, as it will be imperative to how your property sells.


Be rational and critical

Something that our Vendor Advocacy service provides is rational and critical advice. Sometimes in the stressful lead up to selling your property, it can be hard to have this crucial perspective. It is easier said than done, because for most people selling property is not an everyday event. It’s a huge investment, there are a lot of emotions tied to a home, and sometimes stressful circumstances can impede your judgement. If your property hasn’t sold at auction it’s important to look at your property and fully understand where things went wrong. If you don’t know where to start, our Vendor’s Advocates always review how the property is presented alongside the marketing campaign and asking price.

Now is the time to really be realistic about your property. Just because your property passes in at auction doesn’t mean you can’t capitalise on the campaign that preceded it. Make sure you are surrounded by the right team who can really get your property sold within a short time frame post auction.


Get a new agent

Selling your property does not have to be a negative experience. We always stress the clients that it’s important to have the right team supporting you throughout the process to give you concise and realistic information so you have all the tools to support each decision you make. Sometimes this can be difficult if you don’t totally trust your agent. If you have not been happy with the agent’s performance or don’t see a fruitful future working with them, you don’t have to stick it out with them. We face this situation quite a lot, and as Vendor’s Advocates, we help our clients by being the liaison between our client’s needs and the selling agent. It’s not uncommon for us to work with clients who have had campaigns run stale or have not been successful. We’re able to ensure that their needs are met and guide them through the whole sale process.

The market is changing and we are seeing more homes being passed in at auction. We recommend that our clients arm themselves with all the information they can and have a strategy in place to help them if their property fails to sell at their asking price. Speak to one of our Vendor Advocates today to see how we can help you! Email: buyer@advantageproperty.com.aubuyer@advantageproperty.com.au