Market Update 3rd April 2024
By | 3rd Apr 24

Investors are definitely making their way back into the marketplace as we always see when the market picks up. We missed out on a whole block of 5 apartments at 13 Stud Rd, Dandenong which was sold for $1,400,000 or $280,000 each, which was well above our recommended budget for our client.


Inner city Melbourne and Sydney are both experiencing housing shortages with more than 528,000 migrants arriving in Australia in the last financial yearr. There was a net shortfall of an additional 380,000 houses needing to be built. Shortfalls between housing stocks and Australian population are set to worsen in the year ahead.


Almost 56% of Australians recently surveyed were struggling to make ends meet as we’ve seen large rising costs of living increases. Many people don’t have emergency funds to cover rising utility bills and rents, showing how important it is to have emergency buffer accounts available.