What to look for when inspecting property - Tips from Frank Valentic
By | 7th Mar 18

Inspect property like an expert buyer's agent

Knowing what to look for when inspecting property can save you thousands of dollars as well as help your secure a solid investment. Our director Frank Valentic has shared some of his top tips when it comes to looking for property.

Understanding your lifestyle and location

It’s really important to look into what attractions or amenities will positively influence your lifestyle. “You want to be close to lifestyle attractions such shops and cafes, parks and transport…” Frank says. This makes perfect sense as buying property should be more than just the bricks and mortar you invest in. Its surrounds and amenities (or future amenities) play a massive role in the potential capital growth of your property.


This goes hand in hand with lifestyle and location. You can’t really change the location you buy in so ensure you walk around and take in the whole property when you are searching. There are many tools you can use such as Walkscore.com.au, which rates your neighbourhood on the accessibility and walkability to amenities such as schools, cafes and public transport.

Aspect and light

It is something many people do not quite think about until they are actually living in a certain aspect. Aspect is crucial to the type of light you get in your property, which also affects things like your power bill! Northern aspect homes are preferred as you get loads of natural light (even in Winter) without the harsh Western sun in the afternoon. In Melbourne, purchasing a property with a Southern aspect may not be the best idea as it can be dark and gloomy. Another thing to take into consideration with aspect is the view. It may not be a city skyline or water but ensure you soak in any sort of outdoor view from the property. You may look upon a lovely garden or parkland, which will add to the feel and enjoyment of your property.

Noise and light pollution

Real estate agents naturally schedule open for inspections as certain times of the day to show a property in the best light. We suggest if you are keen on a certain property to schedule private appointments at varying times to see what the noise and lighting is like. For example, you may not have noticed the light pole outside your bedroom if you were inspecting a second floor apartment during the day!

Functionality and floorplan

Really take in the flow of the floorplan when you inspect. Something that annoys you on first impression will most likely annoy you forever especially if you cannot change it. If you can alter a floorplan without any structural change you’re in luck, but if it is a structural change you may be stuck with its quirkiness for some time. Open plan configurations are popular with people as it allows for great entertaining and easy living. If you are looking to renovate, ensure you are realistic about the costs.

Building faults and poor building work

If you are buying an older property, we recommend you take out a building inspection to ensure that you are aware of the quality you are buying. Sometimes poor or DIY building works can end up being more expensive, time consuming and stressful than anticipated. These repairs could be unbudgeted for and costly! Not all issues can be seen by the naked eye and those hidden problems can cause some nasty surprises later down the track!

With these easy tips, you are on your way to a positive and effective open for inspection. If you would like more guidance, get in touch with one of our friendly Buyer Agent team members to see how we can help you! Contact buyer@advantageproperty.com.au