By | 24th Jan 24

Victorian property owners face one of the most complex years in the history of the housing market as major government tax changes hit hard. Our clients David and Tina Gunther who purchased an investment property in Rosanna through our Group Block purchases, just sold through our Vendor Advocacy service as they have had enough of the increased and new taxes and they are one of many Victorian investors doing the same.     



It is always a good idea to review your investments on a yearly basis and January is as good as time as any. This article has some good tips on being proactive about your investments inside and outside your superannuation and reviewing them annually.     


Properties with pools have often had negative connotations as they are seen as requiring lots of maintenance. Though, having a pool is now high on the wish list of many home buyers even with the cost of living crisis and particularly after the COVID era. There has been an increase in demand of 15% in the last 2 years and pools remain the number one searched item last year for potential home buyers on