Here are some helpful tips to consider when applying for a rental property. Essentially, it all comes down to making a good impression.

  • Submit a neat application. You would be surprised how many application forms are messy, torn, crumpled or have pages or sections missing.
  • Complete all information in the application.  Do not leave out phone numbers and make sure all contacts have reachable phone numbers (preferably both landlines and mobiles).
  • Be thorough and provide as much information as possible. For example, attach a covering letter with specific details outlining why you would make a good tenant for the property. Organise a copy of your tenant ledger or a written reference from your current rental agent.
  • If you have a pet, include a pet reference from your current rental agent or, if you have sold your property, provide a reference from the sales agent.
  • Treat the property with respect when visiting during inspection times. Do not slam doors or push any open with your feet. Turn up on time to the inspection so that the agent doesn’t have to wait for you while you rush through. 
  • Often, successful Renters apply for long-term leases or pay a few months rent in advance. While not necessary to secure a property, some Rental Providers may find this appealing if deciding between a number of quality applicants.
  • Be available to sign the lease documents and have your first months rental and bond money ready. 

We hope these tips assist you when applying for a rental property, however should you have any further questions contact our friendly staff on (+61) 03 9883 8900